Fraud Alert

Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Limited (“Schroders Singapore”) has noticed the existence of a bogus website and mobile application intended to impersonate Schroders Singapore and implement fraud via its trading platform.

Schroders Singapore hereby reminds the public to stay alert on the authenticity and reliability of information published on websites or applications that claim to be related to Schroders Singapore, or any information that is claimed to be issued or authorised by Schroders Singapore.

Schroders Singapore does not make unsolicited requests through email or on the telephone unless you have initiated the contact. Beware of individuals purporting to be employees of Schroders Singapore selling Schroders funds. Below are the official channels to access Schroders’ information in the public domain in Singapore. Please note that while the below mentioned official channels provide information about Schroders and Schroders’ products, Schroders Singapore did not and will not ask for or process monetary payments from any investors through Schroders’ official platforms or websites.


  1. Schroders Singapore official website:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Chatbot:

Other than the above official channels, any websites or applications that claim to represent Schroders Singapore are not authorised by Schroders and the information mentioned therein may be false and fraudulent.

If you have encountered any suspicious incidents or have doubts about the person, platforms, websites or institutions associated to Schroders Singapore, please contact us via Schroders Singapore’s hotline +65 6800 7000. You may also wish to inform the police.

You may also click here to understand more about fraud alerts and how to prevent and protect yourself.

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