Active ownership

A key element of the value we can bring to clients

What is active ownership?

When fund managers take investors’ capital and put it into portfolios of shares, bonds and other holdings, their work does not stop once the investments have been selected. An important part of the role of overseeing the investment is to use the influence that comes with being a shareholder to drive change. This is known as “active ownership”.

Why Schroders?

We are committed to using our influence to drive change that we believe will protect and grow the value of investments. In practice this means engaging with the managers and boards of the companies across a range of topics that we believe are relevant to long-term financial success.

Our active ownership model empowers our investment teams to undertake high-quality engagements, leveraging their industry knowledge and the relationships they have established.

Our engagement and voting activity

These figures combine our in depth engagements with thematic campaigns, collaborative engagements and mass communications around voting season for 2023.


Number of meetings voted


Number of resolutions


Percentage of votes opposing management


Percentage of meetings where we voted against at least one management recommendation


Number of companies engaged in 2023


Number of engagement events


Number of objectives engaged on


Number of countries

Deep dive into Schroders active ownership

Explore our annual sustainability report with a full breakdown of engagements and votes by region, interaction, and theme.

You can also find out how we voted at thousands of shareholder meetings. We're committed to providing transparent and regular reporting as active owners of these investments.

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