Family Offices: A roadmap to impact

We are delighted to support the latest Impact Investing Institute guide. This resource is designed to support and inspire families who want to create positive change using their wealth.

Family offices are in a unique position to invest for impact. They control significant resources but are unconstrained by the restrictions that other institutional investors can face. This means they can act swiftly on issues they care about while maintaining compelling financial performance.

However, families thinking about impact investing must still grapple with challenging questions. How do they secure wider family approval? And once they decide to follow this path, what team and governance is needed?

Drawing on real-world experiences, this guide offers practical steps to help families navigate impact investing, how to establish an impact-focused family office as well as evolving an existing office.

The report also explores how to advocate for impact internally, create an impact framework, the questions to ask advisers and managers and best practice for impact measurement and management.

Download the report on the Impact Investing Institute's website

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What holds family offices back?

Sarah Teacher, Executive Director at the Impact Investing Institute, speaks to Lyn Tomlinson, our Group Head of Impact Solutions, about how family offices can remove barriers to impact investing.

Impact by Design

Sarah Teacher, Executive Director at the Impact Investing Institute, speaks to Jaspar Smith, tech entrepreneur and founder of sustainable venture capital firm Vala Capital about his passion for sustainable investing.

Shifting to Impact

Giorgiana Notarbartolo di Villarosa, an impact investor through the PFC Family Office, speaks to Sarah Teacher, Executive Director at the Impact Investing Institute, about how she’s used her family wealth to reduce inequality around the world.

Adviser View

Bryony Cove and Colin Melvin speak to Emily Petersen, one of our Portfolio Directors, about the advice they give to families and investors looking to make more impact with their money.