Family stories

When you become our client, you will have access to expertise, understanding and commitment. You also join a community of like-minded families.

Whether you have created your family’s wealth yourself or are responsible for safeguarding it for another generation, you will face important decisions and choices as you consider how the assets should be managed. 

Trying to steer a course through these issues takes time and thought. It also requires a  considerable amount of practical and professional help from trustworthy sources with deep experience. 

Wealth planning for an international family

With over 50 family members living in multiple countries and a large stake in a privately held property company, the K family's family office required an investment house with significant infrastructure and proven wealth planning expertise.  

Finding financial stability after divorce

After a recent divorce, Helen wanted to take back control of her finances so that she could focus on what mattered to her most: her family and her art. 

A business exit that supports the whole family

When Karim, 57, sold his business he received a significant lump sum payment. He and his wife planned to make large gifts to their children and charity, but faced uncertain cash flow and tax liabilities during the ‘earn out’ period after the sale. They came to us for advice on how best to proceed. 

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