Talking about family governance: video series

Wealth opens the door to extraordinary opportunity, but it can also bring with it unique challenges. Alex Scott a fourth-generation family business owner and adviser to other families speaks candidly about his experience of family offices, governance and succession.

Like many other families that have sold businesses, the Scotts benefited from the structure and focus that comes with a family office. In our video series, Alex Scott discusses his experience as founder of one of the UK’s first family offices, the different forms they can take and the challenges – and opportunities – facing the sector.

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Structuring a family office

Alex discusses the key benefits of a family office, the forms they commonly take and how they interact with family businesses.

Family governance and succession

Large families need a process in place to agree on strategy, make decisions and engage with all family members.

Future trends

Reflecting the values of the next generation of family members is a challenge – and an opportunity – for the family office sector.

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