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Raising concerns in confidence

Honesty and integrity are deeply engrained in our culture and it is everyone's responsibility at Schroders to ensure that remains the case. However, like all organisations, we face the risk of things going wrong or of unknowingly harbouring illegal or unethical behaviour.

We have robust procedures in place to make sure that our people and interested parties can raise any issues or concerns, confident in the knowledge that they will be taken seriously and investigated fully. 

Safecall global reporting service

External company Safecall provides an independent, confidential global reporting service, through their online portal or 24 hour phone line.

If you suspect wrongdoing, impropriety, unethical behaviour or have concerns regarding Schroders business practices, you may raise them confidentially. All reports are treated in confidence and you can opt to remain completely anonymous. Schroders will receive a non-attributable summary of issues raised to address the concerns appropriately.

A full list of regional freephone telephone numbers, where reports can be made in local languages as well as English, is available here with a summary below:


Phone number


1800 312928

Channel Islands

0800 915 1571


00 800 72332255


00 800 72332255

Hong Kong

3077 5524


00 800 72332255


00 800 72332255


800 44 81773


0800 915 1571


1 866 901 3295 


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