12SEPT. 2019

Draghi's goodbye gift: QE until 2026?

At Mario Draghi’s final policy meeting, the gloomy European Central Bank lowered interest rates and restarted QE without limits.


31JUIL. 2019



15JUIL. 2019


De quels outils disposent à présent les banques centrales des marchés développés ?

Le bas niveau des taux d’intérêt limitera la capacité des banques centrales à réduire davantage ces taux en cas de détérioration de l’économie. Nous examinons ici les autres options disponibles sur les marchés développés.

09JUIL. 2019


What is left in the toolkit for central banks in developed markets?

Low interest rates will limit the ability of central banks to cut rates further if the economy turns pear-shaped. We examine the other options available in developed markets.

03JUIL. 2019


Is Christine Lagarde a welcome ECB appointment for investors?

Christine Lagarde will succeed Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank, it has been revealed. We discuss what this might mean for markets and the economy.


04AVR. 2019


Is the ECB’s guidance to markets proving effective?

Delays in tightening monetary policy lead to comparisons with Japan as negative interest rates become the “new normal”.


29MARS 2019

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint - April 2019

In this month's Viewpoint, we consider the outlook for US profits, the ECB's interest rate policy and the upcoming elections in India.

08MARS 2019


ECB’s rate rise delay is likely to hurt banks’ profitability

We now forecast the next interest rate rise will be in March 2020.


15JANV. 2019


What is the outlook for interest rates in 2019?

In focus: The Schroders Economics Team now forecasts just one interest rate rise this year in the US. We explore why and consider other likely monetary policy moves in major economies.