Funds in focus

Schroders’ funds in focus highlights key funds that aim to take advantage of current market opportunities to maximise returns.

Schroder ISF* Commodity

Why to invest?

  • Wider opportunity set. The CRB Yearbook lists over 100 different commodities which are three to five times as many as contained in the mainstream indices.
  • Active commodity selection. Correlation between commodities can be very low. Thus an active manager can position a fund to have biases to certain commodities and be underweight others.
  • Unconstrained. As an flexible and unconstrained investor, Schroders does not have to own a commodity simply because of its representation in an index.
  • Exposure to equities. The mainstream indices are futures-based while exposure to many commodities can only be obtained through the equity market.

Schroder ISF* Sustainable US Dollar Short Duration Bond

Why to invest?

  • Short Duration bonds can provide protection for investors in a rising rate environment
  • Dynamic sector rotation takes advantage of opportunities across the universe
  • US bonds continue to look attractive relative to other regions, even after hedging costs
  • Strong sustainability profile helps to avoid controversies and provides downside protection

Schroder ISF* Global Energy Transition

Why to invest?

  • The energy transition investment opportunity is massive. Over USD 100 trillion of investment in the energy transition is required by 2050, creating strong real earnings growth opportunities
  • Focused thematic approach and disciplined investment process leveraging an established process and an unconstrained thematic approach to find the best companies across evolving value chains
  • Exposure to the entire Energy value chain: The energy transition will impact the whole supply chain so we don’t limit the opportunity set solely to the energy producers. We are 100% free of fossil fuel and nuclear energy.
  • Long-term, sustainable growth: We apply a proven investment process to build a high-conviction fund of between 30-50 companies, diversified by geography and sector, aiming to deliver long-term, sustainable growth

Schroder ISF* Global Credit Income

Why to invest?

  • Back to trend growth, but uncertainties remain: A move back to trend growth should be positive for credit, but uncertainties remain which requires a flexible approach.
  • Credit can provide income: Income levels have declined, but an active approach to selection can lead to more attractive outcomes. Additionally, HY and EMD look attractive in 2021.
  • Dispersion in credit markets remains: Investors need to look beyond index level yields to source more attractive opportunities. The dispersion amongst individual issuers creates attractive opportunities for bottom up focused active managers.
  • Drawdown risk remains: Investors need to focus on both income potential as well as drawdown risks for potential investments in the current environment.

Fund prices and performance

You can find more information on the fund including literature and performance data on our fund centre.

*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF throughout

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