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Aim to build your wealth steadily, over the long term, through any environment

Why invest in multi-strategy hedge funds now?

Timing the market is challenging, particularly around avoiding downside events and knowing when to re-enter markets. Market neutral strategies can be one solution, as they focus on returns that are not dependent on the direction of markets. This means they can participate in market upside as well as providing downside protection. 

There are many ways a multi-strategy approach can be defined and structured. We favour a market neutral, multi-manager approach that focuses on alpha generation through stock selection and doesn’t rely on any single approach to drive returns.

Looking for a diversifier to help you navigate all market conditions?

Aiming to be a reliable source of return in any market environment.

How Schroder GAIA Helix can help navigate uncertain markets

Robert Donald, Chief Investment Officer of Schroder GAIA Helix, shares his insight. 

What are the benefits of Schroder GAIA Helix?

Schroder GAIA Helix is a market neutral, multi-strategy product with targets to deliver long-term capital growth and serve as a reliable diversifier that can help you navigate all market conditions. 

The fund aims to provide access to 'the best of Schroders' alpha' in a single product that is not dependant on the direction of equity or bond markets, with sustainability integrated within the approach (Article 8 under SFDR**). 

Please refer to the fund prospectus for the full investment objective and policy.


See how we take sustainability into consideration with Schroder GAIA Helix

What makes our process unique?

  • Multi-manager approach, accessing global talent base
  • Focus on equity based strategies, with tilt to Asia (inc Japan), EM and Europe
  • Common investment platform allows real time visibility of risk and exposure
  • Market neutral approach with a focus on alpha across the cycle
  • Seeks robust returns with low correlation to markets and downside protection
  • Actively managed by an experienced core team, responsible for selection, sizing and risk management
  • ESG Integrated – SFDR Article 8
  • UCITS, daily liquidity

Why Schroders?

  • Track record of persistently delivering alpha for clients
  • Broad range of strategies and styles available across the investment platform
  • Stable, global talent base with in-region specialists
  • No top down firm view allows for diversity of thought
  • Investment desks structured with unique processes and resources
  • Low cross-correlation between alpha streams

Fund objectives and investment policy

You can find more information on the fund including literature and performance data on our fund centre.

Meet the team

Schroder GAIA Helix

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Robert Donald

Chief Investment Officer, Helix

Darren Hodges

Co-Portfolio Manager

Alex Stevens

Investment Director

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