Schroder ISF* Global Sustainable Growth

BUILT TO LAST. Only companies that are managed for the long-term and account for their impact on all stakeholders can deliver outstanding growth consistently over time. Invest for profit with purpose.

Long-term value created through long-lasting relationships

The long-term success of a company is built on a complex ecosystem of sustainable behaviours that, when done right, creates real value both for the company and further afield.

*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF.

A unique approach to building a forward-looking sustainable portfolio

A detailed assessment of sustainability is incorporated into our research process via our proprietary Sustainability Quotient (SQ) framework. This is an in-depth, forward-looking, qualitative assessment of the long-term sustainability of a company’s business model and growth prospects based on stakeholder relationships. This helps us identify ‘good’ companies that are also good investments.

Bringing together Schroders’ capabilities to uncover the sustainable winners of the future

A genuine  collaboration between the Schroders’ Global & International Equity and Sustainability Teams, leveraging the strength of Schroders’ fundamental research resources and expertise on sustainability and stewardship. We build upon the work by the Schroders dedicated Sustainability team, who conduct top-down thematic research across areas, such as climate change, the use of plastics and cybersecurity, that complements the bottom-up research carried out by the team 

Investing is only one piece of the puzzle, active engagement is key

Sustainable investing is as much about how we own companies as it is about those we choose to buy. As long-term shareholders, we regard ourselves as an active owner of the companies in which we invest. Engagement is therefore central to the strategy’s approach; we believe we can make positive changes to company practices and serve to improve shareholder returns and broader societal outcomes.


"The symbiotic relationship between a company and its stakeholders implies a notion of ‘corporate karma’ that can help a socially responsible business thrive in the long term."

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Global Sustainable Growth

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Schroder ISF Global Sustainable Growth

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