Schroder ISF* Global Climate Leaders

Low carbon, meet high potential. As environmental impacts increasingly translate to economic costs, the companies who lead the way in decarbonising their business offer the potential for the greatest success.

Rapid decarbonisation requires ambitious and exceptional climate leadership – the planet’s survival depends on it.

The level of emissions reduction needed to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement is unprecedented. This monumental shift will require intense effort and leadership on a global scale.

Companies at the forefront of that shift, who show ambition in their climate goals, stand to gain hugely from this worldwide change.

*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF.

How will the climate investing landscape evolve over the next decade?

Companies at the forefront of decarbonisation stand to gain massively from the shift towards net zero.

Companies with strong decarbonisation targets: what's the opportunity?

60 seconds with Simon Webber, Lead Portfolio Manager

By investing in companies positioning themselves to be ahead of the game in terms of climate goals and net zero, numerous benefits can be found.

These companies present a lower risk profile as policymakers ramp up climate change regulation, while they will also benefit from lower costs as carbon is increasingly priced and taxed.

As more companies commit to net zero for direct and indirect emissions, a ‘network effect’ is anticipated whereby interdependent businesses must all contribute to net zero goals together to remain competitive.

  •  Climate Leaders: Companies that have ambitious targets to decarbonise in line with the Paris Agreement 1.5 degrees scenario
  • Exhibit lower risk: Companies are less exposed to policy shifts and climate-related regulation
  • Cost advantaged: Companies with lower emissions are well positioned as the price of carbon becomes material across industries
  • Network Effect: As the decarbonisation movement gains ground, increasingly companies in the entire supply chain will have to increase standards

Schroder ISF Global Climate Leaders

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Meet the team

Schroder ISF Global Climate Leaders

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Simon Webber

Lead Portfolio Manager

Isabella Hervey-Bathurst

Portfolio Manager

Andy Howard

Global Head of Sustainable Investment

Meet the team

Schroder ISF Global Climate Leaders

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Maurice Hewins

Equity Analyst

Daniel McFetrich

Global Sector Specialist

Yashica Reddy

Investment Director

“Climate leaders are companies that have ambitious targets to decarbonise, consistent with or better than achieving a 1.5 degree scenario under the Paris Climate Agreement."

Simon Webber

Lead Portfolio Manager

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