Schroder ISF* Global Disruption

Spot early adopters and harness the power of disruption to target long-term capital growth.

Disruption is all around us. So are opportunities.

It reimagines the way we live, displaces existing markets, and pioneers innovation we didn’t even know we needed.

Today, seismic technological shifts underpin a rich and fast-growing universe of transformational companies with largely untapped growth potential. By spotting the companies that drive, enable or adapt to change, you can capitalise on these opportunities to build a portfolio at the forefront of an ever-evolving world.

*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF.

How disruption changes us

Disruptive forces touch every aspect of our world.

Disruption investing in 60 seconds

Our Head and CIO of Global and US Equities, Alex Tedder, weighs in.

Schroder ISF Global Disruption targets long-term capital growth

It’s a finely-tuned, global equity fund investing in innovative companies that are changing the industries in which they operate or adapting to the change.

It captures the value created by disruptive growth

  • Invest in disruptors, enablers or successful adaptors
  • Highly experienced global equity specialists
  • Actively managed across disruption themes
  • Long-term capital growth and outperformance
  • High conviction portfolio of 75-100 stocks

Benefit from diversification across 9 sub-themes:

  1. Fintech: payments, blockchain, crypto, peer-to-peer lending
  2. Digitalisation: cloud transition, storage, CPU/GPU evolution, security
  3. E-commerce : rationalisation, interface, distribution, inventory management
  4. Communications : OTT/cord cutting, interface, regulation, social media, 5G
  5. Healthcare: combination therapy, gene therapy, biosimilars, drug pricing and costs
  6. New consumer: lifestyle, millenials, travel, storage
  7. Environmental: climate change, zero carbon, renewables, smart grid
  8. Food and water: modern farming, fishing, food security
  9. Automation: robotics, AI, 3D printing

Schroders, as at July 2022

Schroder ISF Global Disruption

You can find more information on the fund including literature and performance data on our fund centre.

Portfolio manager

Schroder ISF Global Disruption

Alex Tedder

Head of Global & Thematic Equities

“We feel very strongly that now is the time to be thinking differently about allocating assets perhaps away from traditional equity benchmarks towards uncorrelated long-term themes. Disruption is a fact of life in business and our daily lives – it drives innovation, which in turn creates more disruption. By focussing on disruptive growth, we think we can add a lot of value for investors over time.”

Alex Tedder

Head of Global & Thematic Equities

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