Schroder ISF* Healthcare Innovation

A growing – and older – population is spurring healthcare innovations like never before. It’s time to invest in the world’s health.

We’re living longer than we ever have – and innovating like never before

We can now take advantage of rapid advances in healthcare science, new procedures and better use of data science and computing power. At the same time, healthy living and wellbeing are staying firmly in the spotlight. And of course, the 2020 pandemic changed the landscape of healthcare innovation forever.

Although traditionally seen as a source of relatively defensive growth, the rapid pace of change across the healthcare sector is opening up a new world of healthcare investment opportunities.

*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF.

Why we’re living longer, healthier lives

And why innovation is driving investment in the world’s health.

60 seconds on investing in healthcare

Global healthcare portfolio manager John Bowler weighs in

A global equity portfolio investing in the world’s health

We’ve been managing healthcare portfolios since 2000. Our team of 5 healthcare specialists have over 90 years of combined investment experience.

Benefit from diversification across five healthcare sub-sectors

1. Advanced therapies: gene therapy, precision medicines

2. Med tech: robotics, connected healthcare

3. Healthcare services: telehealth, healthcare management

4. Digital healthcare: biosensors and trackers, AI

5. Wellbeing: body and fitness, seeing and hearing

A focused, yet diverse portfolio for potential long-term returns

We look across the sector to construct a portfolio with 50 to 70 stocks that reflect our best ideas – and aim to deliver steady returns over the long-term.

Backed by insights from our dedicated data team

A team of 20+ data scientists, statisticians and mathematicians supplement traditional financial data with alternative data sets and techniques including artificial intelligence and machine learning to find companies that shape the future of healthcare.

Insight: after 2020, the industry will never be the same

In this webinar, John Bowler, fund manager of Schroder ISF Healthcare Innovation shares how he sees the crisis shaping the sector in the medium-term and the opportunities he sees.

Schroder ISF Healthcare Innovation

You can find more information on the fund including literature and performance data on our fund centre.

Portfolio manager

Schroder ISF Healthcare Innovation

John Bowler

Fund Manager, Global Healthcare

“The over 65s are the fastest-growing demographic group for the next 20 years. And government budgets are already under pressure – an immense driver of change, enabled by technology. Think gene therapy, immune therapy, smartphone GP appointments, AI diagnostics. Our unique team has the expertise and depth of experience to capture these opportunities.”

John Bowler

Fund Manager, Global Healthcare

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