Schroder ISF* Smart Manufacturing

Find compelling investment opportunities among the innovators driving a manufacturing renaissance.

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution

Advanced robotics in hardware. Productivity maximising software. Lightweight smart materials. We’re on the cusp of a manufacturing renaissance, driven by smart technologies and moving at unprecedented – and accelerating – speed.

*Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF.

What’s smart manufacturing all about?

The automation revolution offers long-term growth opportunities for those who act early

Why investors should take note

Portfolio manager, Dan McFetrich, introduces us to a manufacturing renaissance

Looking for the early innovators

In a world with increased demand for digitisation, automation and efficiency, the innovators and experts in this field are well-positioned to take off. So who are these new adopters and enablers?

We spot those positioned to capitalise on increasing adoption of smart manufacturing, to target long-term capital growth.

Benefit from diversification across 5 sub-themes

  1. Data analytics and software: predictive maintenance, optimising production
  2. Advanced manufacturing: agile production systems, lasers
  3. Advanced materials: light weighting, nanoengineered materials
  4. Automation: robotics, sensors and controls
  5. Domain experts: leveraging prop tech, unique installed base

With greater efficiency comes greater reward

Smart manufacturing makes more economic sense than ever. Tech and abundant, actionable data make production more efficient. They cut waste and downtime - saving energy and driving innovation across the entire manufacturing value chain. So boosting productivity and ultimately profitability.

Smart manufacturing helps build a more sustainable future too

Companies are not only making better things; they are also making things better. By slashing energy consumption and waste, carbon footprints radically reduce. Innovative materials also help create cheaper and stronger composites that are lightweight and energy efficient.

Embrace growth in the face of aging populations and widening skills gaps

It makes sense for machines to step in and do the work that would be potentially dull, or even dangerous, for a human to do. These technological advances lead to entirely new jobs, as they open up further innovation and previously unthought-of opportunities.

Schroder ISF Smart Manufacturing

You can find more information on the fund including literature and performance data on our fund centre.

Portfolio manager

Schroder ISF Smart Manufacturing

Daniel McFetrich

Global Sector Specialist

“We think this transformation of factories, warehouses and industrial assets will last for years. It will revolutionise not just how we manufacture but how distribute, design and monitor assets in the field. The increasingly quick paybacks on these investments, faster and more reliable communications networks, and ageing demographics all mean the desire and need to invest is accelerating now.”

Daniel McFetrich

Global Sector Specialist

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