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For six decades in Australia, our investment expertise and agility has helped us deliver consistent, long-term returns for our local clients.
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As a global asset and wealth manager, Schroders delivers a broad range of investments designed to meet the diverse needs of institutions, advisers and individual investors.

Celebrating 60 years of investing in Australia

Schroders has had an investment team on the ground in Australia since 1964, which has evolved into one of Australia’s most experienced on-the-ground research teams. Discover what partnering with Schroders Australia, and being seriously invested, can do for you and your clients.

David beats Goliath: A story of private equity

In this piece, we run through the problem facing large superannuation and private equity funds, before highlighting the performance they’re missing out on in the small and middle markets. Click to read the full paper.

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Investor notices

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Updated product disclosure statements for Schroders funds - December 2023
Fraud alert announcement
Temporary change of portfolio manager - Schroder Absolute Return Income (Managed Fund), Schroder Absolute Return Income Fund and Schroder Multi-Asset Income Fund.
Notice of change of scheme auditor - All Funds, June 2023
Notice of Fund termination - Schroder Asian Shares Fund
Notice of Fund termination - Schroder All Equity Opportunities China Fund
Notice of Fund termination - Schroder Emerging Markets Sustainable Fund
Notice to Unitholders - Change in Processing Cut-Off Time for Schroders Managed Funds

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