Global Equities

Tap into more of the growth available from equity markets with a complete range of Global Equity funds from Schroders.

Don’t be limited by geography

97% of the world’s equity markets are outside Australia, giving you access to more opportunities for your portfolio.

Invest early for growth

Investing in global equities positioned for long-term growth can be a powerful multiplier for your wealth.

Choose a manager with global reach

As a company with a track record of over 20 years in global equity investing we have the insights, team and on the ground presence to support robust strategies.

Why go global with equities?

Tapping into the success of innovative sectors and companies across digital, healthcare and more can power up the growth allocation in your portfolio. While Australia’s equity market can pack a punch for performance, growth in local companies and equity investments can be limited by both the number of opportunities and the types of industries that tend to dominate our economy.

Success in business is no accident

Companies with financial and operating models giving them room to grow, even when market and economic conditions are tough, can deliver compounding returns over time. Finding these companies early can give investors an even greater advantage as their market value and dividends grow. These companies can be located anywhere and that’s why it’s important to look at global equities as a way to access strong returns from the asset class.

A huge universe of opportunity

As a multi-trillion-dollar market, global equities are extremely varied and complex. Investing in this asset class to limit risk and capture growth takes extensive research coming from a team who know what to look for and the right questions to ask.

Potential for strong returns and higher risks

Investing in global equities brings you the opportunity to boost returns from the growth portion of your portfolio. By choosing global equities you can seek exposure to capital growth and dividend returns from some of the world’s most successful companies. But just like any other growth asset, you should accept that an allocation to global equities comes with potential for short-term volatility and loss of capital.

Global equity investments are for investors seeking capital growth; however you must be prepared to accept a high to very high amount of risk. Whether you’re investing in a global equities fund or in direct shares, these options are unlikely to be suitable if you’re seeking capital preservation or have a short investment timeframe.

A first-class investment manager committed to innovation

At Schroders, our global equity capability is built on our reach and excellence in research and discipline and consistency in our investment processes. But we’re always looking to do better and find ways to improve on our inputs and approach to investing in the broad and complex global equities universe.

Our global footprint includes offices in 38 locations and a team of over 900 fund managers and analysts working across all asset classes. Our professional network is accountable to investors for achieving the right balance of income and capital management for every one of our global equity funds.

Taking the long route can be more rewarding

It’s our view that long-term investing is the best way to secure your future wealth. Rather than focusing on short-term market sentiment, we employ intelligent portfolio construction based on innovative and forward-looking and/or fundamental research to deliver the best outcomes for investors from our range of global equity strategies.

As active managers, we focus on avoiding unrewarded risk and diversifying exposures across sectors, regions and other criteria to protect our investors’ wealth and drive returns.

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