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Video: How can finance unlock the power of nature?

Schroders Group CEO Peter Harrison sets out why investing can accelerate a nature positive future.



Peter Harrison
Group Chief Executive

In the week of COP15, the United Nations' biodiversity summit in Canada, we recall how Peter Harrison summed up his attitude to investing in nature during a visit to one of Schroders Greencoat's offshore wind farms in the North of Wales earlier this year.

Peter Harrison:

"The world's waking up to the importance of nature, and we've got to not just get to net zero, but we've also got to get to a world that's nature positive. So the two things need addressing side-by-side.

"And I think what we need to do is move from a world where nature was addressed simply through philanthropy, to a world where nature is addressed through bigger forces and we can start to understand how finance can come to really help nature in a positive, constructive, consistent way. And it's that unlocking of the power of finance that, to my mind, is the really exciting next step in addressing nature.

"Nature-based solutions can perhaps hit 30% of what is required to hit our Paris targets.

"We've got to really address local issues in local places. But if we can unlock the power of nature to be transformative, that becomes a really big accelerant into hitting some really demanding goals, both in 2040 and in 2050."


Peter Harrison
Group Chief Executive


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Peter Harrison
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