Discretionary portfolio management

We know that investing successfully takes time and dedication. Even with significant knowledge and experience, managing your own financial affairs can be a complicated, lengthy and laborious process. We offer Discretionary Portfolio Management services to clients seeking professional investment expertise. Our investment team takes on the responsibility of managing your investment portfolio on your behalf.

We leverage our deep market insights, rigorous research, and risk management framework to construct and manage portfolios tailored to your individual goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. Our aim is to deliver long-term value by actively monitoring and adjusting your portfolio to seize opportunities and navigate market conditions, while providing you with peace of mind and the potential for long-term investment returns.

Professional asset allocation

You gain access to Schroders' investment expertise and a disciplined approach to asset allocation, enhancing the risk and return profile of your portfolio.

Tailored investment

We recognize that each client has unique investment goals, risk tolerances, and preferences. Our discretionary portfolio management service provides customised investment solutions that are tailored to different client needs. We take the time to understand your objectives and design portfolios that align with your financial goals and values. We offer strategies ranging from equity portfolios, fixed income portfolios, and multi-asset portfolios including alternative asset classes.

Proven track record

Schroders has a long-standing history and track record of excellent investment performance. Our wealth management clients can leverage the knowledge and experience of 700 investment professionals globally.

Risk management and diversification

We focus on diversification across asset classes, geographies, and investment styles to mitigate risk and enhance portfolio resilience.

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