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Schroders Wealth Management has been working with successful business owners and their families for decades. Today, a large proportion of our clients have founded and run their own businesses. We ourselves are 43% owned by the Schroders family that founded us over 200 years ago.

While business owners often have similar requirements, every situation is unique and our approach is highly personalised. Our team can help you to maximise the rewards of your efforts. We can partner with you as you structure your wealth before a business exit, navigate the sale of part or all of your company and help you plan for the future once you’ve sold your business.

The decision to sell a business is likely to be one of the most important decisions of your career. This is when years of effort, ingenuity and courage are crystallised.

Planning ahead will help you to maximise the value of your business in the sale. It will also allow you to be prepared for the life stages ahead.

Key considerations include tax efficiency, income replacement, safeguarding your capital, making provision for ongoing business interests and making sure that your wishes for others, including your family, are taken into account.


Business owners should be considering the ownership structure of their business long before a sale is actually on the cards. Arrangements put in place early can result in a smoother process – and secure better outcomes – when you do eventually decide to sell. Inheritance tax, succession planning and residency are the topics we will typically focus on at an early stage.


There is significant benefit to having a wealth manager on your team as you go through the exit process. We work closely with a wide range of professionals, including lawyers and tax advisers, and can make introductions where necessary to make sure you have the team you need for a successful exit. We can support you through the negotiation process and help you understand the implications of any deal. What does a given exit valuation mean for your income and longer-term objectives? Not all transactions are straightforward and may involve complexities such as earn-outs and stock-based payments. We can help you deal with what these may involve.


A business sale is generally a time for celebration. In the months that follow the completion of a deal, however, former business owners have found themselves grappling with challenging questions as they adjust to a new role and lifestyle. “How should I spend my time? What is my wealth for? How do I involve my children – or perhaps protect them from it?” They also face a significant shift in their personal finances as they move from a position where their wealth is tied up in a company – to one where it is more liquid.

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