Variable Capital Company

The Variable Capital Company (VCC) is an alternative investment fund structure that was introduced in Singapore in 2020. This investment structure offers a multitude of opportunities to wealthy families.

Our VCC structure

When a family office uses a VCC, they can enjoy greater privacy, with the shareholders' register being private. Financial statements are also not publicly available.

The VCC structure offers investors the flexibility in issuance and redemption of shares and payment of dividends out of capital. It allows sub-funds to cater to different investors and investment strategies, ring-fencing of assets and liabilities between sub-funds.

Schroders provides regulated investment management services that leverage our institutional relationships, buying power and infrastructure of a global investment manager.

Our umbrella VCC structure offers families economies of scale, which can create substantial synergies, aligning closely with the long-term goals, values, and legacy aspirations of wealthy families.

Tax incentive scheme

You can gain access to Singapore’s international tax treaty network, and where tax incentive scheme requirements have been met by VCC, this benefits all sub-funds and investors.

Our platform

We offer the following services as your investment partner:

  • Open architecture with multi-custodial approach

  • Institutional pricing

  • Institutional infrastructure, access to our asset management resources, research and people

  • Building a wealth balance sheet, including consolidated reporting

  • Connectivity to a network of like-minded investors

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