MUSE: Municipal US Sustainability Explorer

An interactive way to see the sustainability of your community.

Schroders’ MUSE is an interactive version of our proprietary USA Muni Dashboard investment tool that allows investors and analysts to visually compare thousands of municipal issuers and help to accurately understand issuer and portfolio risks beyond traditional metrics.

*For best user experience, please view in Google Chrome.

MUSE was built in collaboration with our Sustainable Investment team and Data Insights Unit, and uses dozens of factors across Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria, supported by academic research, quantitative, and qualitative measures. By typing in a specific county, or selecting a specific state, the tool rates the sustainability of each territory from 1 (poor long-term sustainability) to 4 (high long-term sustainability), derived from a specific weighing across each of the three E, S, and G buckets. Each rating reflects an absolute-basis rating; it does not necessarily reflect a relative rating versus any other county.

For example, a county that has poor Environmental scores may still achieve a 2 or 3 rating if there are strong Social and Governance factors which more than offset any recognized environmental concerns. On the contrary, a county may rate poorly if there is extremely poor Governance, even if Social and Environmental are average.

State-level ratings will reflect an average of the county-level ratings. Therefore, state-level ratings (and colors) may vary from the collection of county-level ratings due to differences in local social and/or governance scores.

Note: The ratings offer a theoretical, forward-looking assessment of ESG-related measurement at present-day levels. Underlying factors, thus the ratings, may change over time. This tool does not constitute investment advice of any kind.

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