Informes de mercado (en inglés)

12JUN. 2019

Why growth stocks look vulnerable

The divergence between growth and value parts of the market has been extreme and could be due a turnaround.

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

10JUN. 2019



10JUN. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Uncovering value at the top of the real estate cycle: UK social supported housing

With yields in global commercial real estate at all time lows, investors are looking for areas that still offer value. We discuss the compelling opportunities in UK social supported housing.

07JUN. 2019

Economics (en Inglés)

Why the world economy is like a wobbly bike

The world economy increasingly resembles an unstable bicycle that can be tipped over by the slightest bump in the road.

06JUN. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Monthly markets review - May 2019

A look back at markets in May when stocks fell as trade tensions ratcheted up.

03JUN. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Why ESG matters in value investing

It’s not just the E of ESG that matters – for value investors the S and G are vitally important.


28MAY. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

"Flygskam" – the very real impact of climate change on Swedish airlines

Swedish airlines are just the latest industry to feel the pinch from carbon conscious consumers, through "flygskam" (flight shame).

24MAY. 2019

Informes de mercado (en inglés)

Our multi-asset investment views - May 2019

We have downgraded equities this month and upgraded government bonds and gold. Here's why.

24MAY. 2019

Thought Leadership (en Inglés)

An introduction to securitisation: a diverse opportunity set offering attractive excess return potential

Securitisation can be seen as highly technical, niche and (post-2008) perceived as risky, but its highly diverse range of opportunities can bring significant benefits to a portfolio.