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The structure of an investment trust is well-suited to taking advantage of the long-term opportunities available in the real estate market. They offer the potential for an attractive level of income together with the potential for income and capital growth.

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Please remember that the value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amounts originally invested.

Schroder UK Real Estate Fund (SREF)
Priced on a monthly basis. SREF’s valuation point is 8am on the first business day of each calendar month. The share price is based on real estate and other asset valuations as at the last business day of the immediately preceding month. Yield % for all share classes reflects the income of the Fund distributable to investors gross of tax and net of all expenses and liabilities (actual, estimated or contingent). Unitholders in Schroder UK Real Estate Fund Feeder Trust and Schroder UK Real Estate Fund (net) share class will receive their distributions net of tax. For all fund servicing queries including valuations, dividend/distribution information, performance and audit requests please contact Northern Trust Global Services Ltd on +44 (0) 333 3000 364. For all general enquiries and placing trades please contact Freya Petty, Manager, Real Estate Capital.

The Schroder Indirect Real Estate Fund (SIRE)
Priced on a monthly basis. For the Secondary Market please contact Tom Dorey, Head of Real Estate Product. These prices are provided by the Manager, Schroder Real Estate Managers (Jersey) Limited. Schroder Real Estate Managers (Jersey) Limited is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Schroder Real Estate Fund of Funds – Continental European Fund I (CEF I) & Continental European Fund II (CEF II)
Priced on a quarterly basis. Yields available upon request. For further information please contact Tom Dorey, Head of Real Estate Product.

Schroder Global Cities Real Estate Fund
All fund performance data are on a NAV to NAV basis, net income reinvested. Data is not available for the time periods with no % growth stated. In case a share class is created after the fund's launch date, a simulated past performance is used, based upon the performance of an existing share class within the fund, taking into account the difference in the Total Expense Ratio and including the impact of any performance fees if applicable.