Risk Managed Investments

Reducing risk and increasing certainty

Risk control

Our range of investment solutions can reduce your downside risk and increase the certainty of your investment outcome.

Tailored to you

We can improve your portfolio’s capital efficiency, liquidity, strategic and tactical market exposure, or foreign currency sensitivity.

Income enhancement

Structured solutions can provide stable income in a wide range of market conditions.

Exposure to multiple asset classes with limited risk and greater certainty

We design strategies to reduce the risk in our clients' portfolios. These are structured to capture upside returns whilst managing the uncertainty inherent in growth investing. Our solutions can be implemented across equity, credit, multi-asset or private markets and the underlying assets can be actively or passively managed by Schroders or a third-party manager.

Broad range of customised solutions

Since implementing our first strategy over 25 years ago, the Risk Managed Investments team has constantly innovated to offer a growing range of solutions, tailored to our clients’ evolving needs. These include daily rolling of options, customised actively managed indices and enhanced volatility management techniques. 

Our clients value our solutions for reducing a wide range of risks and tailoring outcomes to their specific requirements. Our strategies provide efficient access to markets and Schroders active management skills. Through risk management we offer exposures that diversify portfolios vs. traditional asset classes.

Bringing you a derivative toolkit with fiduciary responsibility

Schroders has a dedicated team of investment professionals with extensive experience in managing risk managed investments globally. They have a deep understanding of derivatives and how to tailor solutions to meet the specific needs of institutional investors.

It is our duty of care to implement solutions which are in the best interests of our clients, acting as agent between them and the derivative counterparties. This improves transparency and price competition, ultimately helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Schroders Developed Markets Managed Multi-Factor Index

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Schroders Developed Markets Managed Multi-Factor Index