Endgame solutions for DB pension schemes

Tailored, resilient solutions for pension scheme endgames

Comprehensive solution design

Collaborative and comprehensive solutions, designed with your specific needs in mind.

Robust risk management

Ensure stability with our proven risk and liquidity management strategies.

Versatile investment toolkit

Benefit from our wide range of investment tools, including LDI, buy and maintain and securitised credit solutions.

Navigate your pension scheme's endgame with confidence with Schroders.

At Schroders, we recognise that each pension scheme is unique. Our experts collaborate with you to identify the most suitable endgame strategy, considering factors like scheme size, maturity, risk tolerance, and funding level.

Whether your goal is low dependency, a buyout, or a run-on strategy, we offer tailored guidance, tools, and expertise. With Schroders, confidently navigate your pension scheme's endgame, supported by our commitment to delivering bespoke, resilient solutions.

Low dependency

Under this approach, the pension scheme continues to operate, managing its assets and liabilities over time. The focus is on maintaining solvency and meeting pension obligations with low levels of investment risk.


An insurance company takes over the liabilities of the pension plan, providing a secure and guaranteed income for all members, thereby allowing the original plan sponsor to effectively remove the pension obligation from their balance sheet.


This strategy involves the pension scheme continuing to operate with the intent of investing beyond full funding on a buy-out basis, gradually sharing surpluses between members and potentially sponsors over the medium to long-term.

Video 1: Building an investment portfolio for low dependency

Jon Exley, Head of Specialist Solutions, presents on the principles of low dependency portfolios, discussing asset allocation, risk management, and the importance of ongoing monitoring.

(9 mins)

Video 2: Building an investment portfolio for buyout

Daisy Le Marquand, Solutions Strategiest, discusses the factors that influence buyout pricing and how to strategically invest as a pension scheme with a buyout as the ultimate objective.

(9 mins)

Video 3: Building an investment portfolio for run-on

Lawrence Phillips, Solutions Strategies explains the concept of a run-on strategy as a method to operate a pension scheme in a highly secure manner with low levels of risk, while generating surplus over time for the benefit of stakeholders. This video delves into the considerations that need to be taken into account when designing investment strategies and portfolios for these kinds of objectives.

(10 mins)

PLSA Cashflow Driven Investment (CDI) Made Simple Guide

Download the PLSA Cashflow Driven Investment (CDI) Made Simple Guide, authored by Schroders Solutions, which explains what this form of investment entails and how it compares to more traditional methods. It details how it can create certainty of outcomes for defined benefit schemes and the ways in which trustees can manage and monitor CDI.

"Schroders' Endgame Solutions are crafted to ensure resilience, versatility, and a strong partnership. We recognize the unique needs of various stakeholders and tailor our solutions accordingly. Our approach has weathered even the harshest conditions, such as the 2022 gilts crisis, demonstrating our commitment to robust risk management and effective endgame strategies."

Ian Biscoe

Head of UK Pensions and Retirement Clients

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