Pension scheme consolidation options

Unlock the potential of pension scheme consolidation with Schroders

Comprehensive solutions

Schroders offers a range of consolidation options, including Fiduciary Management and Outsourced CIO, tailored to meet the unique needs of each scheme.

Partnerships with consolidators

Through partnerships with consolidators like Enplan, Schroders enhances the consolidation process, providing advanced investment services and solutions.

Empowering schemes of all sizes

Schroders is committed to bringing the big scheme experience to schemes of all sizes, offering innovative solutions to navigate the rapidly evolving consolidation landscape.

Consolidation: The next chapter in UK Defined Benefit pensions

Explore the future of UK Defined Benefit pensions and the role of consolidation. Unpack the implications of the Mansion House Reforms, the Autumn Statement, and the range of consolidation options available to pension schemes.

Unravelling DB consolidation - hype or gamechanger?

Watch our recent webinar, "Unravelling DB consolidation: Hype or gamechanger?", on demand. A distinguished panel of policy, strategy, and consolidation experts discuss the complexities and opportunities of DB pension scheme consolidation.

"Consolidation is a game-changer for pension schemes. At Schroders, we offer tailored solutions to navigate this complex process and unlock its potential."

Gerard Francis

UK Design and Strategic Risk, Client Solutions

Enplan Case Study

Enplan: Enhancing DB scheme consolidation with Schroders

Enplan, an operational consolidator, partnered with Schroders to introduce an innovative investment service to its clients. This partnership boosted Enplan's investment, monitoring, and digital reporting capabilities, providing access to a market-leading investment proposition. Enplan schemes benefited from Schroders' advanced Liability-Driven Investment modelling and access to a range of proven asset managers.

  • DB schemes managed

    Over 60

  • DB scheme assets

    Close to £1.5bn

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European Pensions Awards 2023 - LDI Manager of the Year

ESG Manager of the Year Schroders - 2023

Source: Professional Pensions, as at June 2023.

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