The 3D Reset Infographic: What today’s investors need to know

How investors can benefit from recognizing and reacting to the trends of decarbonization, delocalization and demographics that are shaping our world and economy.

3D reset / Regime Shift


Adam Farstrup
Head of Multi-Asset, Americas

“The 3D Reset” refers to the three “Ds” of decarbonization, deglobalization and demographics. We believe these ongoing trends have had and will continue to have massive long-term implications for the global economy. Taken together, the 3Ds are reshaping the investment landscape. Understanding the three Ds—how they affect the global economy, what that means for market volatility, and how active investors should be allocating their assets— might be the key to deciphering what comes next and where the opportunities are.

3D Reset: the infographic that tells the story


Adam Farstrup
Head of Multi-Asset, Americas


3D Reset
Regime shift

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