The most read of 2021: Schroders’ top 20 talking points

The “everything rally” was a talking point in 2021. Here, we highlight all the issues and trends that intrigued our readers over the year.


2021 will always be remembered for the persistent and pernicious effects of Covid.

Among investors and market observers it will also be remembered for the “everything rally”.

As the Financial Times highlighted, the MSCI All-Country World index of global stock markets is now on course for a third year of double-digit returns – the first time this has happened in the 21st century. The notable laggards have been the UK and emerging markets.

The top 20 of our Talking Point articles over the year, based on email open rates, somewhat reflect this story of rising asset prices. But it also flags a number of other trends.

The top 10 is packed with analysis on issues in China – the impact of the government crackdown on technology firms and the collapse of the heavily indebted real estate company Evergrande. As fund manager Robin Parbrook put it: “The risks, which were always there, have now risen materially.”

The explosion of meme stock trading during the lockdowns was one of the most striking behaviours to emerge from the crisis. It may become an enduring theme as investors embrace risk and speculative investing. Our Global Investor Study found 33% of those aged between 55 and 74 had recently bought cryptocurrencies.

Elsewhere in our top 20 we see climate change issues firmly on the agenda, with a thirst to understand the basics around COP26, the powerful surge in energy prices and the efficacy of electric cars. The very personal nature of fund manager Scott MacLennan’s electric car holiday obviously struck a chord.

On a broader note, our chief executive, Peter Harrison, prompted one of the biggest responses from our audience of professional investors. His commentary, which appeared first in the Sunday Times newspaper, warned London’s financial position was slipping and suggested how to halt and reverse that decline.  

As the year closes, we can hope the prolonged disruption and misery of the pandemic subsides. We may even hope the “everything rally” continues its onward march.

Whatever happens, we will continue publishing the views and research that help you understand what it means. Please sign up to Talking Point alerts.

Happy new year.


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