Multi-Asset Strategies

Keep pace with the times, stay ahead of the curve

Investment opportunities can emerge from multiple regions and sectors at different times.

Investors need to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions to capture the best opportunities.

However, in today’s rapidly evolving markets where uncertainties prevail making timely and appropriate asset allocation decisions can be challenging. What’s the solution?

Can multi-asset funds help?

Multi-asset funds may invest in equities, bonds and other types of assets, such as infrastructure, preferred stocks, REITs, mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities and municipal bonds. These asset classes tend to behave distinctly in different economic cycles. By adopting a flexible and proactive asset allocation approach, multi-asset funds seek to add value by diversifying risk while aiming to generate sustainable income stream and attractive overall returns.

Schroders helps you capture Asia and global stock & bond opportunities.

We uncover regional advantages and explore thematic investments. With over 70 years of multi-asset investment experience. We stay ahead of the curve.

Recognition for investment expertise

Fund Selector Asia Awards Hong Kong 2023 Multi-Asset House of the Year

Fund Selector Asia Awards Hong Kong 2023 - Multi-Asset House of the Year*

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You can find more information, including fund literature, holdings and performance data in our fund centre.

*The result of Fund Selector Asia Awards Hong Kong 2023 is based on the performance of the Multi-Asset investment team as of 5 Nov 2021 – 4 Nov 2022.

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