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Understand your investor profile

Before investing, it is essential you first know yourself as an investor. That means determining:

  • What do you want to achieve (your investment objectives)?
  • For how long you are prepared to invest?
  • How much risk can you tolerate?

Know your investment options

It is also vital you fully understand the key features of the various investment options available to you. When considering a fund you might examine:

  • What are the main factors that drive the fund's performance?
  • What are their risk levels relative to similar funds in the same investment universe?
  • How has the fund manager performed relative to similar funds?

Achieve an optimal fund mix

Choose the mix of investment products that best matches your main objectives and investor profile. Diversifying your investment across a combination of investment funds will help reduce your exposure to risk. If one investment performs badly, other investments may perform well, thus reducing your risk levels.

Regularly reassess your investment strategies

Your needs and situations will probably evolve during the time you are invested. To address this you are recommended to regularly review your investments and adjust your investment strategy to reflect your changing attitude to risk.

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