Investor Security

Please be aware – scams and fraud

Unfortunately scams and attempted frauds through phone calls and emails claiming to be from a Schroders representative do sometimes occur. You may be contacted by people claiming to be from Schroders who will try to persuade you to invest with them. They may offer you advice over the telephone, request payment from you, or email you links to either bogus or legitimate Schroders websites to try and gain your confidence.

We want you to know that Schroders will never contact you to elicit new business. The majority of our clients are businesses and financial intermediaries and although you can invest directly with Schroders, we do not actively sell funds directly to individual investors

If you do receive a solicitation using the Schroders name and you have any concerns, please contact our Financial Crime team on (+44(0)20 7658 4004) or email 

 before you take any action. You can additionally review the Financial Conduct Authority’s ScamSmart website which has lots of advice on how to stay vigilant.


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