Our history

Two centuries of investing for the future

We’ve evolved alongside international finance itself

For more than 200 years, we’ve built our understanding of markets and with it our ability to help our clients.

Our partnerships run deep. We’re still working with our first UK charity client from back in 1936, for example. Explore over 200 years of Schroders in this whistle-stop tour.

Over 200 years in a nutshell

Founded in London as J.F.Schröder & Co in 1800, our first 100 years saw us building a client base around the world. We were busy financing trade between America and Europe and funding major infrastructure projects like railways, ports and power stations. And moving into new areas such as bonds and corporate finance. 

In 1924, we formed our first investment trust and started managing investments for clients. Our listing on the London Stock Exchange followed in 1959.  

By the start of the 20th century, we had clients across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Come the 1970s, we had a presence in the major financial markets, including Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland and many more. 

In 2000, we sold our investment banking arm to specialise in asset and wealth management. Today, we’ve also expanded into private markets, opening up a new dimension to our clients.  

Investing to grow

Acquisitions have always been part of our growth story, adding key capabilities and helping us to meet the evolving needs of our clients and drive growth in an ever-changing world.  

With more than a dozen transactions since 2016 alone, we’ve expanded our expertise in private assets, from real estate to infrastructure financing. We’ve expanded our wealth management offering, including a market-leading offering for financial advisers. And we’ve grown our specialist expertise in solutions, where we aim to be the provider of choice for pension schemes, offering an end-to-end solution through to buy-out. 

Our secret to success? We only make acquisitions that fit with our overall culture and values. It’s about adding to our expertise, rather than simply buying for growth. 

We’re constantly innovating

We’re always thinking of new ways to use intelligent, active management to get our clients where they want to go.  

Like winning our first pension fund mandate in the UK in 1947. Or launching our first property fund in 1971 to access the world of alternative products. We offered the first of our diversified growth strategies in 2006.  A year later we introduced our Global Climate Change Equity fund. And in 2009 we launched GAIA, a platform designed to give investors easier access to hedge fund expertise.  

Today, our multi award-winning sustainability investment framework - designed in-house - is embedded into our investment processes. And the data scientists in our Data Insights Unit bring cutting edge insights to our investment teams, so we’re at the forefront of active investing 

A global network of partnerships

Partnerships have further broadened our horizons, coupling our investment expertise with our clients’ distribution networks, to meet the needs of their customers. Our partnership strategy gives us access to new distribution opportunities around the world, including some of the world’s highest growth markets.  

Like our 2005 joint venture with the Bank of Communications in China, our 2012 partnership with India’s Axis Asset Management, our relationship with Hartford Funds in the US with ten sub-advised strategies tailored for US customers, our joint venture with Nippon Life delivering benchmark-beating returns for clients in 2021. And our recently-established joint venture with Lloyds Banking Group, which employs over 600 financial advisors in the UK.

Our investing goes beyond profit

We’re proud to say that our commitment to sustainability is well established; we published our first responsible investment policy in 2001.

Our role as an active investment manager gives us the ability to drive significant change through engaging with companies on strategic capital allocation decisions, seeking to protect and enhance our clients’ capital. In 2019 we acquired a majority stake in BlueOrchard, a leading impact investment manager and pioneer in microfinance. And a year later, we integrated environmental, social and governance – or ESG – analysis into our investment strategies.

These moves support our ongoing strategy of helping our clients meet their investment and climate goals.