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 Adviser guides on sustainable investing, wealth transfer and regulation to support your client conversations.


We explore specific opportunities – and threats – for financial advisers.



We keep a close eye on trends and dive deep into the issues that are likely to stay on the agenda.



The reports draw on a wealth of data and analysis from both our own and external experts, so you get a full view of the landscape.

The ins and outs of sustainable investment

Research suggests most clients want to invest in a way that builds a better world- but they don’t know where to start without your steer. Our guides are designed to help you support them to meet their goals.

  • Guide to Net Zero: We all have an active role to play both as individuals and as investors reaching Net Zero but what does it mean for you, as a financial adviser, and for your clients?
  • Guide to carbon offsetting: designed to help you understand how to help, if appropriate, your business to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to the drive to Net Zero.
  • A-Z of sustainability terms: Sustainability, once a fringe consideration, has become core for many investors. We’ve put together an A-Z of key terms for you and your clients to dip into.
  • The Lang Cat guide: Crossing the ESG event horizon: Sponsored by Schroders, the Lang Cat’s guide explores five big themes facing advisers across environmental, social, and governance issues.

The next generation of wealth management

Over the next decade, £1 trillion of wealth will flow to new owners: widows, children, and grandchildren. Here’s how you can manage this wealth transfer for your clients and your business.

Giving regulation a PROD

The Product Intervention and Product Governance Sourcebook is here to stay. But the devil is in the detail – and there are plenty of questions still to answer about the regulator’s expectations.

  • How to PROD-proof your business: Sponsored by Schroders, the Lang Cat’s guide helps you understand your client’s needs, potential investment solutions, and meeting PROD requirements.

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