Income Portfolio

An actively-managed, multi-asset fund designed to create a consistent level of income.

Income and growth

We don’t just focus on current income but look to grow income streams too.

A focus on cost

We aim to keep our Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF) competitive.


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Targeting a consistent income

Watch Watch Rob Starkey, Portfolio Manager, Schroder Investment Solutions, introduce the Income Portfolio.

Objective and risk considerations

Investment objective

The fund aims to provide capital growth and income by investing in a diversified range of assets and markets worldwide with a target average annual volatility (a measure of how much the fund's returns may vary over a year) over a rolling five year period of between 30% to 45% of that of global stock markets (represented by the MSCI All Country World index). 

Risk considerations

Counterparty risk: The fund may have contractual agreements with counterparties. If a counterparty is unable to fulfil their obligations, the sum that they owe to the fund may be lost in part or in whole. Credit risk: A decline in the financial health of an issuer could cause the value of its bonds to fall or become worthless. Currency risk: The fund may lose value as a result of movements in foreign exchange rates, otherwise known as currency rates. High yield bond risk: High yield bonds (normally lower rated or unrated) generally carry greater market, credit and liquidity risk meaning greater uncertainty of returns. Liquidity risk: In difficult market conditions, the fund may not be able to sell a security for full value or at all. This could affect performance and could cause the fund to defer or suspend redemptions of its shares, meaning investors may not be able to have immediate access to their holdings. Market risk: The value of investments can go up and down and an investor may not get back the amount initially invested. Operational risk: Operational processes, including those related to the safekeeping of assets, may fail. This may result in losses to the fund. Performance risk: Investment objectives express an intended result but there is no guarantee that such a result will be achieved. Depending on market conditions and the macro economic environment, investment objectives may become more difficult to achieve. 

"This income portfolio appeals to investors seeking a multi-asset portfolio focused on delivering a dependable level of income.”

Robert Starkey

Portfolio Manager, Schroder Investment Solutions

A wider pool creates a steadier stream

This portfolio combines a wide range of different traditional and alternative investments that seeks to deliver a sustainable level of income. 

SIS Income Portfolio Income sources_2880x1620px_UPDATED

A finely-tuned balance

We have a robust asset allocation framework with the appropriate balance between asset classes, sectors and regions. Spreading all investments across a well diversified range of assets also helps to reduce risk. We design the optimal blend of asset classes to target a consistent income at an appropriate level of risk.

An illustration of how our strategic asset allocation may look is below.

Strategic Asset Allocation for the Schroder Income Portfolio

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Risk mapped

The portfolio is independently risk mapped by Distribution Technology, Defaqto and Synaptic. 

SIS Income Risk Mapping 2880x1620px

And independently rated

A Defaqto Multi-Manager Return Focused Fund (5 Diamond)

Source: Defaqto as at February 2024.

Defaqto Multi-Asset Income

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