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Our vast experience of working closely with wealth managers and intermediaries combined with proven private markets credentials means we know how to design solutions fit for your clients’ needs

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We were one of the first asset managers to offer private markets investments with enhanced liquidity, and currently offer an attractive range of semi-liquid private markets solutions

What are private markets investments?

Private markets (also referred to as private assets) are investments in privately-owned assets, as opposed to those that are publicly traded on an exchange. The most common private markets asset classes are private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure. Private markets are illiquid by nature, meaning that the buying and selling process takes (significantly) longer, and tends to be more complex than public market assets. As a result, private assets have been traditionally reserved for institutional or accredited investors attracted by the potential of outsized returns and diversification benefits. However, innovation in structuring combined with regulatory changes are opening up private markets access to a broader investor audience, including private investors.

Why invest in private markets?

With a number of global structural trends, such as deglobalisation, decarbonisation and demographics, redefining markets and society, traditional 60/40 portfolios may no longer be able to deliver the investment outcomes that investors require. We believe complementing traditional portfolios with private markets may diversify sources of returns with low correlation to one another, helping to build stable portfolios that have the potential to succeed over the long term.

How can you access private markets?

Innovation in structuring combined with regulatory changes are progressively opening up access to private markets for private investors. Examples include:

  • Semi-liquid (or evergreen) funds: private assets portfolios that offer periodic liquidity on an on-going basis.
  • Closed-ended funds: private asset portfolios with a fixed term
  • Listed products: private asset portfolios which have their shares listed on an exchange in certain markets
  • Bespoke solutions: creating customise private markets solutions according to a client’s investment and liquidity needs

Unlocking access to private markets

How do we break down the barriers to private markets for individual investors?

  • Lower minimum investment requirements: our strategies generally require a minimum of $10,000 or local currency equivalent
  • Liquidity: we offer monthly subscriptions and quarterly redemptions with our semi-liquid funds
  • Transparency: a formulaic, auditable and process driven approach to valuations and clear fee structure with no fund-level performance fees

  • Valuations: we offer monthly valuations for our semi-liquid funds, offering investors the ability to subscribe and redeem at the prevailing net asset value

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Our capabilities

Private equity

Private equity refers to investment in the equity of companies that are not available to the general public, i.e. companies that are not listed on a public stock exchange. Private companies can offer higher returns compared to public companies as well as diversification benefits.

Our private equity expertise goes back over 25 years and spans buyouts, secondaries, venture capital and growth, as well as emerging markets. We focus on mid-market opportunities with great potential for value creation.

Real estate

Real estate investing refers to the purchase, ownership, management, rental or sale of commercial or residential property. Investing in real estate can provide investors with a steady stream of income (via rents), inflation-protection as well as capital appreciation potential.

We offer tailored investment and asset management solutions, focusing on operational excellence with a hospitality-led approach striving to deliver long-term income and promote value creation from the properties we invest in.


Infrastructure investing refers to the acquisition and ownership of, or financing for, assets that provide essential public services, such as transportation, energy, utilities, communications and social services like hospitals and schools.  These assets can provide attractive, long-term risk-adjusted returns through a combination of steady income and capital appreciation.

We focus on infrastructure investments that make a tangible, real-world difference with the potential for secure income and predictable, stable returns. Schroders Greencoat, part of Schroders Group, is one of the largest specialist investment manager of renewable infrastructure in Europe, whilst our infrastructure debt team executed the very first investment in the private infrastructure market in 2012.

Private debt and credit alternatives

Private debt and credit alternatives refer to lending or credit-related strategies that generally sit outside of traditional, publicly-traded fixed income investments. This can include direct loans to companies, financing infrastructure projects, asset-backed securities and even insurance against natural disasters. These types of assets can offer a number of benefits, such as high yields, secure income, inflation protection and uncorrelated returns to traditional financial markets.

We focus on mid-market debt, where there is less efficient capital provision and therefore gives us scope to maximise risk-adjusted returns. Our offering spans real estate debt, infrastructure debt, structured credit, opportunistic credit, insurance-linked securities and impact lending. 

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