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Client sentiment is improving

Since our last survey in November 2022 the sentiment of advisers’ clients has improved overall. The proportion of clients who are bearish has fallen from 68% to 44%, so no longer a majority, and this is matched by the 44% who are now neutral, up from 26% in November. This indicates some wariness among clients about predicting the future direction of markets following the volatility of the last few years.

Cost of living crisis and other concerns

In November, 53% of advisers reported that some clients had adjusted their plans due to the cost of living crisis, this has now risen to 89%.

90% of advisers said that they have had conversations with clients about long-term investing v cash deposits (given current interest rates).

Artificial intelligence

57% of advisers think that the development of AI technology such as ChatGPT represents an opportunity for their business whilst 43% see this as a potential threat.

73% of advisers anticipate incorporating AI based tech in their advice process in some way in the future, with 51% anticipating this happening in the next 5 years (8% in the next year).    

Consumer Duty

Firms have until July 2023 to implement the new rules under the Consumer Duty. Nearly 60% of advisers feel that the fair value outcome will put pressure on the ongoing charging model.

Market trends

45% expect higher disruption due to technological advances, an increase from 30% in November 2022.

21% are considering using private market investment solutions for clients, an increase from 12% in May 2022.

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