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Why Private Markets for private clients?

Private markets can offer unique investment opportunities that are not available in public markets.

These opportunities could provide private clients with potentially higher returns, diversification benefits, and the ability to invest in assets that more closely align with their personal values and interests.

Private markets are evolving and becoming more accessible for private investors. This shift, driven by regulatory changes, advancements in technology, and new product structures, is facilitating the next phase of private market growth – the so called “democratisation of private markets”.

Schroders Capital is at the forefront of this innovation, working with private investors globally to support their objectives through private market investments.

Schroders Capital Wealth Solutions - your partner for private markets

Private markets investments are often perceived to be riskier than public markets investments due to their potential illiquidity and lack of transparency. However, it is important to note that private markets investments can also provide unique benefits that are not available in public markets.

For this reason, we believe it is important to select a partner for private markets that has a deep understanding of yours and your clients’ requirements, as well as the broader UK investment funds market.

In the UK, Schroders has a long heritage of working with private client businesses, as well as the wider market infrastructure, which makes us uniquely placed to support you in building your private markets program and/or portfolio allocations

As the private markets investment division of Schroders, Schroders Capital leverages the financial strength, network, infrastructure and resources of the wider group and its 200 year history. Schroders Capital has a deep and long-standing understanding of private markets, viewed through the lens of intermediaries. This means we can offer unique insights and tailored solutions that meet the needs of private wealth clients.

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$96bn in assets under management* across private equity, private debt and credit alternatives, real estate, and infrastructure.

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680+ employees dedicated to private assets including 300+ investment professionals in 26 locations around the world.*

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The breadth of perspective and the scale to build holistic solutions and to take best practices in sustainability and impact investing to their full potential.

Access for UK intermediaries

In the UK, the majority of investors have been able to use investment trusts for exposure to private markets and little else. However, ongoing growth and development in the private markets industry is changing things.

New regulatory developments and product innovation within the UK market, underpinned by growing investor demand, are creating new complementary product structures. These range from daily trading investment trusts, to open-ended evergreen and Long-Term Asset Funds (LTAF), through to the traditional limited partnership models.

This evolving ecosystem can meet a broader range of client investment preferences.

Schroders Capital are a leader in democratised products and at the forefront of creating new delivery mechanisms for investors to access this expanding asset class.

“The LTAF has been spearheaded by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and represents a new era for private client businesses wanting to support their objectives through private market investments”

Doug Abbott

Head of UK Intermediary

Semi-liquid solutions and Long-Term Asset Funds

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Closed-ended funds

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