Managed Defensive Fund

Strategic and steady: a fund with downsize risk management for more cautious investors.

A smoother investment journey

We have a separate strategy that looks to limit losses to under 10% over any given period (though this isn’t a guarantee).

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Designed with a focus on cost

We cap the Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF) at 0.22%.*

Designed for boom and bust years alike

Different markets, different asset classes; by investing in assets around the world – and changing the mixture as markets change – this portfolio is designed to ride economic waves. Here’s a deeper look. 

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With mitigation from losses (although this is not guaranteed)

When the market gets more volatile, a portion of the portfolio is moved into cash – bringing down market exposure. 

“We believe this is the perfect portfolio for investors with a more conservative approach to risk.”

Alex Funk

Chief Investment Officer, Schroder Investment Solutions

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*Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF)

The OCF is a measure of the total costs associated with managing and operating an investment portfolio. These costs include the MPS fee, management fees and additional expenses of the underlying funds but excludes any advice, platform charges, transaction fees or incidental costs. The OCF will vary on a monthly basis.

Objective and risk considerations

Investment objective

The Fund aims to provide capital growth and income in excess of the ICE BofA Sterling 3-Month Government Bill Index plus 2% per annum (after fees have been deducted) over a three to five year period, whilst also seeking to mitigate the risk of incurring a loss greater than 10% over any investment period, by investing in a diversified range of assets and markets worldwide. The Fund will seek to achieve a target average volatility (a measure of how much the Fund's returns may vary over a year) over a rolling five year period of 4% per annum. This cannot be guaranteed and your capital is at risk. 

Risk considerations

Credit risk: A decline in the financial health of an issuer could cause the value of its bonds to fall or become worthless. Currency risk: The fund may lose value as a result of movements in foreign exchange rates, otherwise known as currency rates. Derivatives risk: Derivatives, which are financial instruments deriving their value from an underlying asset, may be used to manage the portfolio efficiently. The portfolio may also materially invest in derivatives including using short selling and leverage techniques with the aim of making a return. A derivative may not perform as expected, may create losses greater than the cost of the derivative and may result in losses to the fund. High yield bond risk: High yield bonds (normally lower rated or unrated) generally carry greater market, credit and liquidity risk. IBOR risk: The transition of the financial markets away from the use of interbank offered rates (IBORs) to alternative reference interest rates may impact the valuation of certain holdings and disrupt liquidity in certain instruments. This may impact the investment performance of the fund. Interest rate risk: The fund may lose value as a direct result of interest rate changes. Liquidity risk: In difficult market conditions, the fund may not be able to sell a security for full value or at all. This could affect performance and could cause the fund to defer or suspend redemptions of its shares, meaning investors may not be able to have immediate access to their holdings. Market risk: The value of investments can go up and down and an investor may not get back the amount initially invested. Operational risk: Operational processes, including those related to the safekeeping of assets, may fail. This may result in losses to the fund. Performance risk: Investment objectives express an intended result but there is no guarantee that such a result will be achieved. Depending on market conditions and the macro economic environment, investment objectives may become more difficult to achieve. 

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Sustainable investing

Sustainability is our guiding principle, both for ourselves and the companies we invest in. If you’re not paying attention to ESG, you’re missing the chance to future-proof your investment strategies.

Important information

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