Schroders Global Cities

Our latest views on the investment trends impacting our global cities.

The complete guide to the global cities approach

The best cities have similar characteristics – diverse economies, zoning regulation, strong universities and developed infrastructure. These ingredients allow select cities to maintain their competitiveness making them well placed for long-term real estate investment. Watch the video to learn more.

Short guides

For those looking for something more specific, these short videos introduce key aspects of the global cities approach. Each video is approximately one minute long.


Why London is a global city?


What makes a global city?


LA: urban sprawl or opportunity?


Why data matters to real estate?


Millennials and beyond: why global cities attract the best talent?


The real estate powerhouses of the future

The Schroders Global Cities Index

The Schroders Global Cities Index is a ranking of the strongest city economies around the world

Schroders European Sustainable Cities Index

Schroders European Sustainable Cities index ranks 59 cities based on 13 equally weighted environmental policies. Discover more.

Meet our team

Tom and Hugo have led the approach to Global Cities at Schroders. They’ve worked in real estate investing for over 17 years and their approach is based on a simple premise: planned urbanisation has the potential to protect and enhance investor returns. By investing in the tradeable shares of property companies, they can access some of the most economically vibrant cities across the world.

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Tom Walker

Co-Head of Global Listed Real Assets

Hugo Machin

Co-Head of Global Listed Real Assets

Our team of Analysts


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Jon Consolo

Equity Analyst, Global Real Estate Securities

Charles Fox

Lead Geospatial Data Scientist

Ben Forster

Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Real Assets

Please note that investments of this nature come with risk. Capital is at risk and the value of investments can fall as well as rise. If past performance is shown, it should not be used as an indicator of future results