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The Value Perspective team

It gives us great pleasure to announce that a winner of the quiz has been chosen.

Congratulations go to Dave Smith of Stoke-on-Trent. His chosen charity is Parkinson's UK and the £100 prize will be donated to them. 

Many thanks for all that took part and for those wondering how they did the answers are displayed below. 


Part 1 questions

  1. No partridge in a pear tree but a bird in the hand – in Long haul, what species of animal did scientists find were able to resist the lure of immediate gratification for between eight and 14 seconds? 
  2. No turtle doves but a tortoise and a hare – in Time to think, we quote a line mentioning the race between these two unlikely competitors from which other financial blog? 
  3. Not three French hens but two French men – who are the two French internationals among the footballers mentioned in Window-dressing?
  4. No calling birds, just ‘calling time’ – which television programme, mentioned in Thinking inside the box, had time called on it by its producers this summer?
  5. Not so much gold rings as bell rings – a famous experiment by which Russian physiologist, mentioned in Cause and defect, involved ringing bells before lunchtime?
  6. No geese a-laying but one peacock playing – in A peacock’s tale, what is the answer to the joke, How many efficient market theorists does it take to change a light bulb?

Part 2 questions

  1. These swans were more a-visiting than a-swimming – but what nationality were the swans mentioned in 4x4ward thinking?
  2. Not eight maids a milking but eight members of The Value Perspective team – one of whom left for pastures new this year. Of the five of his ‘greatest hits’ collected in Lowry retrospective, which one starts with a quote from a Tom Hanks film?
  3. Just the one lady dancing, we presume, after she won the tournament – which Wimbledon Ladies tennis champion is mentioned in Higher, stronger bluster II?          
  4. More landlords than lords this time with house prices doing the a-leaping – in Oh (land)lord, we quote the headline “Project Fear starting to look ridiculous as UK house prices rise” from which national newspaper?
  5. It will take more than 11 pipers doing a different sort of piping – but, mentioned in Crash diet, how many miles of pipeline needs to be constructed to join the Minas Rio mining project with a brand-new coastal port?
  6. Only one drummer drumming in our final Value Treasure Hunt question – who is the long-term (1974-present) drummer of the rock band, the name of which appears twice in the title of our23 March 2016 blog?

Part 3 questions

  1. What links Quentin Crisp in 1993, Sharon Osbourne in 2002, Katie Piper in 2009, and whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013?
  2. Which Sesame Street Muppets share their names with the policeman and the taxicab driver in the film It's a Wonderful Life?
  3. In literature, which fictional character said it is 'always Winter, but never Christmas'?
  4. What do American singer and actor Dean Martin, actress and singer Eartha Kitt, and Charlie Chaplin all have in common?
  5. What Christmas film is this from?
  • Which Christmas music video features a flying spaceship at the end?
  • CONGRESS LIAR (Anagram 5,7)
  • Which royal introduced the first Christmas tree?


    1. Monkey
    2. Farnham Street
    3. Anthony Martial and N’Golo Kanté
    4. Deal or no deal
    5. Ivan Pavlov
    6. None – the market has already discounted the change.
    7. Russian (Siberia is not a country)
    8. Long run, Forrest, long run
    9. Maria Sharapova
    10. The Express
    11. 300 miles
    12. Neil Peart (Rush)
    13. They've all read the alternative Christmas message (broadcast by Channel 4 since 1993)
    14. Bert and Ernie
    15. Mr. Tumnus/Lucy/Mr Beaver (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)
    16. All died on Christmas day
    17. Jingle All The Way
    18. Christmas Time (Don’t let the bells end)- The Darkness
    19. Carol singers
    20. Queen Charlotte and George III

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