Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust plc - SBSI

Seeking to drive positive social impact and consistent financial returns

We've released our 2024 Impact Report

Our third annual impact report recognises the broad impact being achieved towards addressing entrenched social issues in the UK and supporting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities

Why invest in SBSI?

As we become increasingly aware of the serious challenges facing our society, more and more investors want to do well by doing good. They want to put their capital to work for dual impact – to the benefit of people and their portfolio.

The Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust has these very objectives: to achieve positive social impact and the creation of value for investors.

Transformational impact

Capital for local social organisations and charities working with disadvantaged people in areas of high need across the UK

Collective strengths

Harnessing the combined strengths of Schroders and the highly experienced team led by Better Society Capital, a dedicated social impact investor and delegated portfolio manager of the trust


Offering the potential for low correlation to other asset classes, providing attractive diversification benefits for investors

Key Information

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NEW: Interim Report & Accounts
Investor Update - February 2024
Kepler Research Note
Key Information Document
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Find out where we're delivering positive impact across the UK


    For performance data please visit the London Stock Exchange website

    Ongoing charge (as at July 2023): 1.22%

    Interim Results

    In March 2024, Managers Jeremy Rogers and Hermina Popa presented the interim results of the Trust for the six months ended 31 December 2023.


    ESG Investing Awards Winner for Best ESG Investment Fund: Impact and Private Markets'

    Best ESG Investment Fund: Impact and Private Markets, ESG Investing Awards 2024

    Highly commended logo at the 2023 Investment Week Sustainable Investment Awards 2023 for the category Best Newcomer Sustainable Fund

    Source: Investment Week, 2023

    Logo showing awards logo

    Awarded to Schroders by Investment Week, 2023

    In the media

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    UK’s leading social impact investor renamed ‘Better Society Capital’
    Impact Investor: UK affordable housing fund gets backing from institutional investors
    Kepler: Interim Results Analysis

    Meet the managers

    Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust plc

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    Alternative Investment Fund Manager

    Better Society Capital

    Delegated Portfolio Manager

    Corporate Governance

    Find out more about the Company's Board, view key dates and keep up with regulatory news.


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    Annual Report and Accounts 2023
    Interim Report & Accounts 2024
    AGM Results 2022
    Terms of Reference: Nomination Committee
    Terms of Reference: Management Engagement Committee
    Terms of Reference: Audit and Risk Committee
    Pre-Investment AIFMD Disclosures
    Privacy Policy
    Supplementary Prospectus
    Financial Crime Policy


    Annual Reports and Accounts

    2022 / 2021

    Interim Reports

    2022 / 2021

    AGM Results

    2022 / 2021

    Risk Considerations: Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust plc

    • Concentration risk: The Company may be concentrated in a limited number of geographical regions, industry sectors, markets and/or individual positions. This may result in large changes in the value of the company, both up or down.

    • Liquidity Risk: The price of shares in the Company is determined by market supply and demand, and this may be different to the net asset value of the Company. In difficult market conditions, investors may not be able to find a buyer for their shares or may not get back the amount that they originally invested. Certain investments of the Company, in particular the unquoted investments, may be less liquid and more difficult to value. In difficult market conditions, the Company may not be able to sell an investment for full value or at all and this could affect performance of the Company.

    • Market risk: The value of investments can go up and down and an investor may not get back the amount initially invested.

    • Market Risk: The value of investments can go up and down and an investor may not get back the amount initially invested.

    • Operational risk​: Operational processes, including those related to the safekeeping of assets, may fail. This may result in losses to the Company.

    • Performance risk: Investment objectives express an intended result but there is no guarantee that such a result will be achieved. Depending on market conditions and the macro economic environment, investment objectives may become more difficult to achieve.

    • Private market valuations, and pricing frequency: Valuation of private asset investments is performed less frequently than listed securities and may be performed less frequently than the valuation of the Company itself. In addition, in times of stress, it may be difficult to find appropriate prices for these investments and they may be valued on the basis of proxies or estimates. These factors mean that there may be significant changes in the net asset value of the Company which may also affect the price of shares in the Company.

    • Share price risk: The price of shares in the Company is determined by market supply and demand, and this may be different to the net asset value of the Company. This means the price may be volatile, meaning the price may go up and down to a greater extent in response to changes in demand.

    • Smaller companies risk: Smaller companies generally carry greater liquidity risk than larger companies, meaning they are harder to buy and sell, and they may also fluctuate in value to a greater extent.