Emerging Markets Equity Alpha

Investment Objective 

The Schroder Emerging Markets Equity Alpha strategy aims to provide exposure to a concentrated, style agnostic portfolio of high conviction stock ideas in emerging and frontier markets. The objective of the strategy is to provide capital growth by investing in equities of companies in emerging and frontier market countries worldwide and to outperform the MSCI Emerging Markets Index (Net TR), although this cannot be guaranteed.


  • Aims to provide capital growth by investing in Schroders Emerging Market Equities Team’s highest conviction stock ideas in emerging and frontier markets
  • Bottom-up and style agnostic approach
  • Concentrated portfolio of 40-60 stocks
  • Consensus required from both named portfolio managers
  • Rigorous and proactive risk management, including tracking
    error target and a stock stop-loss review policy*

*This is not guaranteed and may be temporarily
suspended during periods of market volatility.