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On 20 September 2022, Schroders plc made the following changes to its share capital:

 Enfranchised the Company's 56,505,600 Non-Voting Ordinary Shares by re-designating them into 56,505,600 Ordinary Shares with full voting rights (the "Enfranchisement");

 Issued 39,886,305 Ordinary Shares to existing holders of Ordinary Shares by way of a bonus issue (representing 3 additional Ordinary Shares for every 17 Ordinary Shares held by Ordinary Shareholders at 6.00pm on 16 September 2022) (the "Compensatory Bonus Issue"); and

 Subsequently sub-divided the Company's total resulting 322,414,305 Ordinary Shares of £1 each into 1,612,071,525 New Ordinary Shares of 20 pence each (the "Sub-Division").

Following the above changes, you may have noticed a change to Schroders Ordinary Share price. It is important to remember that ordinary shareholders now hold more Ordinary Shares as a result of the compensatory bonus issue and also the sub-division (which split each Ordinary Shares into 5). So this change in share price does not necessarily affect the overall value of shareholder’s holdings or the overall value of the Company.

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