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Directorate change



Q1 AUM update


24/03/2023Annual Report 2022

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24/03/2023Climate Report 2022 (TCFD aligned)pdf  
02/03/2023Annual Results 2022 - PresentationpdfView recording here 
02/03/2023Annual Results 2022 - Data packpdf  
02/03/2023Annual results 2022 - Press release
02/03/2023Annual Results 2022 - Transcript




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20/10/2022Q3 AUM Update pdf  
20/09/2022Completion of simplification of the Company’s dual class share structure pdf  
13/09/2022Simplification of the Company’s dual class share structure update pdf  
28/07/2022Half Year Results 2022 - Transcript pdf  
28/07/2022Half Year Results 2022 - Data Pack  pdf  
28/07/2022Half Year Results 2022 - Press Release pdf  
28/07/2022Half Year Results 2022 - Presentation pdf  
28/07/2022Half Year Results 2022 View recording here 
12/07/2022Publication of shareholder circular pdf  
28/04/2022Q1 AUM update pdf  
26/04/2022Proposals to simplify the Company’s dual share class structure through enfranchisement pdf  
11/04/2022Schroders completes acquisition of majority shareholding in Greencoat Capital

25/03/2022Annual Report 2021pdf 
25/03/2022Reporting Centre  View
25/03/2022Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report 2021 pdf  
03/03/2022Annual Results 2021 - Transcript

03/03/2022Annual Results 2021 - Data pack

03/03/2022Annual Results 2021 - Press release

03/03/2022Annual results 2021 - Presentation pdfView recording here 


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21/12/2021Acquisition of Greencoat Capital pdf  
16/12/2021Response to media speculation pdf  
26/10/2021Acquisition of River and Mercantile Group PLC’s Solutions Business

18/10/2021Q3 AUM Update

07/10/2021Schroders in Focus: Wealth Management - Transcript pdf  
07/10/2021Schroders in Focus: Wealth Management pdfView recording here 


Half Year Results 2021 - Transcript





Half Year Results 2021 - Data Pack 





Half Year Results 2021 - Press Release





Board succession press release





Half Year Results 2021 - Presentation


View recording here

07/06/2021Schroders in Focus: Private Assets - Transcript pdf  
07/06/2021Schroders in Focus: Private Assets pdfView recording here 
29/04/2021Q1 AUM Update pdf  
26/03/2021Annual Report 2020 pdf 
04/03/2021Annual Results 2020 - Transcript pdf  
04/03/2021Annual Results 2020 - Press release pdf  
04/03/2021Annual Results 2020 - Presentation pdfView recording here 
04/03/2021Annual Results 2020 - Data pack pdf  


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15/10/2020Q3 AUM update pdf  
30/07/2020Half Year Results 2020 - Transcript

30/07/2020Half Year Results 2020 - Data Pack 

30/07/2020Half Year Results 2020 - Press Release

30/07/2020Half Year Results 2020 - Presentationpdf View 
16/04/2020Q1 AUM Update  
27/03/2020Annual Report 2019 
05/03/2020Annual Results 2019 - Transcript  
05/03/2020Annual Results 2019 - Press release pdf  
05/03/2020Annual Results 2019 - Presentation pdfView 
05/03/2020Annual Results 2019 - Data pack  


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15/10/2019Q3 AUM update pdf  
01/08/2019Half Year Results 2019 - Transcript pdf  
01/08/2019Half Year Results 2019 - Data Pack  pdf  
01/08/2019Half Year Results 2019 - Press Release  
01/08/2019Half Year Results 2019 - PresentationView 
15/05/2019Investor Day 2019 - Transcript  
15/05/2019Investor Day 2019 - Presentation pdfView 
02/05/2019Q1 AUM Update pdf  
22/03/2019Annual Report 2018 pdf 
07/03/2019Annual Results 2018 - Transcript pdf  
07/03/2019Annual Results 2018 - Press release pdf  
07/03/2019Annual Results 2018 - Board changes pdf  
07/03/2019Annual Results 2018 - Presentation pdfView 
07/03/2019Annual Results 2018 - Data Pack pdf  


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15/10/2018Q3 AUMA update pdf  
26/07/2018Half Year Results 2018 - Transcript pdf  
26/07/2018Half Year Results 2018 - Data Pack pdf  
26/07/2018Half Year Results 2018 - Press Release pdf  
26/07/2018Half Year Results 2018 - Presentation pdfView 
26/04/2018Q1 AUMA Update pdf  
16/03/2018Annual Report 2017 pdf 
01/03/2018Annual Results 2017 - Transcript pdf  
01/03/2018Annual Results 2017 - Press Release pdf  
01/03/2018Annual Results 2017 - Presentation pdfView 
01/03/2018Annual Results 2017 - Data Pack pdf  


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Q3 AUMA Update pdf  


Investor Day 2017 - Transcript pdf  


Investor Day 2017 - Presentation pdf  
27/07/2017Half Year Results 2017 - Transcript pdf  
27/07/2017Half Year Results 2017 - Data Pack pdf  
27/07/2017Half Year Results 2017 - Press Release pdf  
27/07/2017Half Year Results 2017 - Presentation  View 
27/04/2017Q1 AUMA Update pdf  
17/03/2017Annual Report 2016 pdf 
02/03/2017Annual Results 2016 - Transcript pdf  
02/03/2017Annual Results 2016 - Press Release pdf  
02/03/2017Annual Results 2016 - Presentation pdfView 
02/03/2017Annual Results 2016 - Data Pack pdf  


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03/11/2016Q3 Interim Management Statement - Transcript pdf  
03/11/2016Q3 Interim Management Statement - Data Pack pdf  
03/11/2016Q3 Interim Management Statement - Press Release pdf  
28/07/2016Half Year Results 2016 - Transcript pdf  
28/07/2016Half Year Results 2016 - Data Pack pdf  
28/07/2016Half Year Results 2016 - Press Release pdf  
28/07/2016Half Year Results 2016 - Presentation pdfView 
28/04/2016Q1 Interim Management Statement - Transcript pdf  
28/04/2016Q1 Interim Management Statement - Data Pack pdf  
28/04/2016Q1 Interim Management Statement - Press Release pdf  
18/03/2016Annual Report 2015 pdf  
03/03/2016Annual Results 2015 - Transcript pdf  
03/03/2016Annual Results 2015 - Press release pdf  
03/03/2016Annual Results 2015 - Board succession pdf  
03/03/2016Annual Results 2015 - Presentation pdfView 
03/03/2016Annual Results 2015 - Data Pack pdf  


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30/09/2015Q3 Interim Management Statement 2015 - Transcript pdf 
30/09/2015Q3 Interim Management Statement 2015 - Data Pack pdf 
30/09/2015Q3 Interim Management Statement 2015 - Press Release pdf 
30/07/2015Half-year Results 2015 - Transcript pdf 
30/07/2015Half-year Results 2015 - Data Pack pdf 
30/07/2015Half-year Results 2015 - Press Release pdf 
30/07/2015Half-year Results 2015 - Presentation pdfView
30/04/2015Q1 Interim Management Statement - Transcript pdf 
30/04/2015Q1 Interim Management Statement - Data Pack pdf 
30/04/2015Q1 Interim Management Statement - Press Release pdf 
20/03/2015Annual Report 2014 pdf  
05/03/2015Annual Results 2014 - Transcript pdf 
05/03/2015Annual Results 2014 - Data Pack pdf 
05/03/2015Annual Results 2014 - Press release pdf 
05/03/2015Annual Results 2014 - Presentation pdfView


DateTitlePDF downloadWebcast
06/11/2014Q3 Interim Management Statement - Transcript pdf    
06/11/2014Q3 Interim Management Statement - Data Pack pdf    
06/11/2014Q3 Interim Management Statement - Press Release pdf    
31/07/2014Half-year Results 2014 - Transcript pdf 
31/07/2014Half-year Results 2014 - Data Pack pdf 
31/07/2014Half-year Results 2014 - Press release pdf 
31/07/2014Half-year Results 2014 - Presentation pdfView
01/05/2014Q1 Interim Management Statement - Transcript pdf 
01/05/2014Q1 Interim Management Statement - Data Pack pdf    
01/05/2014Q1 Interim Management Statement - Press Release pdf    
25/03/2014Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference pdf  
21/03/2014Annual Report 2013 pdf    
06/03/2014Annual Results 2013 - Transcript pdf 
06/03/2014Annual Results 2013 - Data Pack pdf 
06/03/2014Annual Results 2013 - Press release pdf 
06/03/2014Annual Results 2013 - Presentation pdfView


DateTitlePDF downloadWebcast
07/11/2013Q3 Interim Management Statement - Transcript pdf 
07/11/2013Q3 Interim Management Statement - Data Pack pdf    
07/11/2013Q3 Interim Management Statement - Press Release pdf    
01/10/2013Bernstein Pan European Strategic Decisions Conference pdf    
08/08/2013Half-year results 2013 - Transcript pdf 
08/08/2013Half-year results 2013 - Data Pack pdf    
08/08/2013Half-year results 2013 - Presentation pdfView
08/08/2013Half-year results 2013 - Press Release pdfView
02/07/2013Cazenove Capital Holdings Limited acquisition complete pdf 
01/07/2013Cazenove Capital acquisition - Sanction of the Scheme announcement pdf 
17/05/2013Announcement of Approval at Court Meeting and General Meeting pdf 
02/05/2013Q1 Interim Management Statement - Transcript pdf 
02/05/2013Q1 Interim Management Statement - Data Pack pdf    
02/05/2013Q1 Interim Management Statement - Press Release pdf    
19/04/2013Cazenove Capital acquisition - Scheme Document pdf 
25/03/2013Cazenove Capital acquisition - Rule 2.7 announcement pdf 
25/03/2013Recommended offer for Cazenove Capital Holdings Limited pdfView
22/03/2013Annual Report 2012 pdf    
19/03/2013Morgan Stanley European Financials Conference pdf 
07/03/2013Annual Results 2012 - Transcript pdf    
07/03/2013Annual Results 2012 - Data Pack pdf    
07/03/2013Annual Results 2012 - Press Release pdf    
07/03/2013Annual Results 2012 - Presentation pdfView

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