02APR 2019

Kieron Launder: 2019 first quarter update

Kieron discusses central banks’ retreat from policy normalisation, populism and market volatility

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24JAN 2019


“After a torrid December, we’re now at extremes of negativity”

2018 was one of only three years in the last 80 where both shares and bonds under performed cash, says Caspar Rock - as he looks ahead to 2019

21JAN 2019


Markets are fearing the worst, but these five trends might turn out for the better in 2019

Investor sentiment soured abruptly in the final weeks of 2018. But is the market now paying too much attention to negative news?

08JAN 2019


Five key investment themes for 2019

Markets have entered 2019 in a state of heightened anxiety: these are the key factors on which concerns are now focused.

07JAN 2019


January 2019: Market Review & Outlook

Investors’ fears centre upon a weakening US and global economy. While data suggests US growth may have peaked, we still expect global growth in 2019 of almost 3%



06DEZ 2018


December volatility: what’s causing it and what it means

Anxiety over the prospects for the US economy is one of several factors driving market turbulence


07NOV 2018


US midterms: what the outcome means for the US economy, trade and markets

President Trump may face battles passing certain legislation, but he will still be able to control trade policy


29OKT 2018


October's market correction: our view

October has seen dramatic sell-offs as uncertainty grows over trade disputes, weakening corporate earnings and political events such as the US mid term elections, Brexit and the Italian debt. What does this mean for investors’ portfolios?

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