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27MAR 2019

Multi-asset investments: Managing sustainability from a total portfolio perspective

Lesley-Ann Morgan, Head of Multi-asset Strategy and Jessica Ground, Global Head of Stewardship - ESG, discuss how to address the decisions regarding integrating ESG across multiple investments and setting a sustainability budget.



31AUG 2018

Investment Insights

Cyber-risk: how investors can prepare for the unpredictable

Cyber crime continues to create significant costs for companies globally, but understanding the risk means going beyond a formulaic assessment of policies. Written by Ovidiu Patrascu, Sustainable Investment Analyst, Schroders



02OCT 2017

White Papers

The case for active asset management

The debate on whether to use passive or actively-managed funds can sometimes be one-sided. Our research suggests investors should keep an open mind.


26JUN 2017

Investment Insights

In praise of activist investors

Agitators are far from perfect, but they can play key role in spurring long-term thinking.



15JUL 2016

White Papers

Global Investor Study: Investment outcomes – unrealistic expectations

Schroders Global Investor Study 2016 reveals a worrying trend among investors of unrealistically high income expectations and a short-term investment approach. This could result in investors falling drastically short of achieving their investment goals.

15JUL 2016

White Papers

Global Investor Study: Are millennial investors facing a perfect storm?

Depressed wages, escalating living costs and a struggling global economy – millennials have a lot on their plates. They need investment income to support short and long-term financial aspirations. Does something have to give and is the perfect investment storm brewing?

15JUL 2016

White Papers

Global Investor Study: Are investors too reliant on the state?

Governments are struggling to balance their books and the global economy is in a precarious state, yet investors firmly believe that the state will still be able to contribute significantly to their retirement income. So, are investors being realistic or setting themselves up for a fall?

15JUL 2016

White Papers

Global Investor Study: Video - Do investors have unrealistic expectations?

When people invest, what are their hopes and expectations? In this short video we look at the investment goals, attitudes and behaviours of investors globally and how short-termism and unrealistic expectations could impact their ability to meet their objectives.