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Who does GROW suit?

The GROW active ETF offers a flexible solution to a broad range of investors

People in the wealth-accumulation phase

With lower volatility and potential for capital growth, GROW seeks to provide investors with a real return of 5% p.a. (before fees) over rolling three-year periods.


Those about to retire

GROW aims to generate consistent real returns while minimising the risk of large losses. It thus helps protect wealth, an important objective for people such as retirees who may need to call upon their wealth.

Those in retirement

GROW has the potential to enhance retirement planning by providing the potential to grow and at times preserve capital while producing income. It offers a diversified solution for investors seeking a reasonable rate of return, without the volatility typical of a portfolio dominated by shares. GROW also offers the ability to keep pace with inflation which portfolios dominated by cash do not.

Those worried about longevity risk

With its targeting of 5% p.a. above inflation (before fees) over rolling three-year periods, GROW offers inflation protection for investors, to help them keep pace with the rising cost of living through their retirement.

Where does GROW fit?

GROW can be used in a number of ways to complement different investment strategies


Benefits of the Real Return Fund

Benefits of diversification: By investing across a broad rane of asset classes, GROW can take advantage of opportunities wherever they arise.

Active asset allocation: Our active, unconstrained asset allocation ensures GROW has the flexibility to adapt to changing markets.

Protection from the market: Our approach protects clients from bearing the full brunt of falls in markets. 

Focus on real returns: GROW aims to deliver a return of 5% p.a. above Australian inflation (a "real" return), before fees, over a rolling 3 year period, without taking undue risk, so the journey to achieving this objective is a relatively stable one. 

Simplicity and expertise: We pride ourselves on keeping investments simple, uncomplicated, unlevered and liquid. We manage GROW locally, drawing on the insights and experience of our dedicated local and global teams. 

Available on the ASX: GROW makes it easy to buy, sell and own an actively managed diversified fund.

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