10 year anniversary of the Schroder Real Return Fund

The Schroders’ objective based Real Return Fund has passed its 10-year milestone, having launched in the middle of the GFC. It was one of the first objective-based multi-asset funds in Australia. The strategy has been managed since launch by Simon Doyle, Head of Fixed Income and Multi Asset, and Simon Stevenson, Deputy Head of Multi Asset.  

Schroder Real Return CPI +5% Fund

This innovative multi-asset offering follows an active approach to investing, designed with an objective of achieving real returns above Australian inflation over rolling 3 years periods. The Schroder Real Return CPI Plus 5% Fund can simplify investors' requirements to one core strategy designed simply to target this outcome.

Schroder Real Return Fund (ASX:GROW)

An objective based strategy that aims to deliver 5% above Australian inflation (before fees) over rolling three year periods without taking undue risk, so that the journey to achieving this objective is a relatively stable one. You can access this active and diversified Fund in the same way as buying shares through your broker, using the ASX ticker code GROW.

Schroder Real Return CPI +3.5% Fund

An evolution of the Schroder Real Return CPI +5% Fund, this fund specifically selects investments which align with the performance objective of achieving real returns above Australian inflation over rolling 3 year periods, but maintains a lower tolerance for downside risk.

Schroder Strategic Growth Fund

A traditional multi-asset portfolio investing in a selection Growth (typically shares and property securities), Diversifying (typically higher yielding debt and alternatives) and Defensive (typically investment grade debt securities and cash) assets. It has a long term objective to target a real return above Australian inflation with an emphasis on risk taken in recognition that investors prefer relatively stable returns over time.