14APR 2016


April 2016 Economic Infographic

This month's infographic focuses on the risks of Brexit, looks at why markets have regained risk appetite after the early 2016 panic, and questions whether now is the right time to invest in emerging markets.

06APR 2016


Panic over, but what's next for markets?

Having recovered their composure after a tumultuous start to 2016, investors are now looking for a new catalyst, but what will it be and where next for markets?

05APR 2016


Troika therapy: did it work?

Why a number of the countries that underwent the Troika bailout programme are now performing better than the others.


01APR 2016

Economic & Strategy Viewpoint

April 2016

In this month's Viewpoint out top economists analyse the global economy and ask whether the panic is over, and what's next? They consider Brexit risks and whether now is the right time to buy emerging markets.

01APR 2016


Schroders Quickview: Service sector drives steady US jobs growth

The robust labour market has long been a plus point for the US economy. The likelihood of a rate hike in the coming months now rests on improvements in manufacturing – which may be turning a corner – and consumption.

30MAR 2016


March 2016 Economic Infographic

This month's infographic focuses on the downward growth trend across the global economy, why Europe might provide a safe haven in an uncertain world, and investigates whether a nadir has been reached in the BRIC economies.

22MAR 2016


Argentina shows Brazil the way to restore confidence

A postcard from… Latin America: A week of meetings with policymakers, politicians and the private sector in Brazil and Argentina has made for a stark comparison of two countries arguably at different stages on the same path.

16MAR 2016


Schroders Quickview: UK Budget 2016 - Weaker growth prompts more fiscal tightening

In his Budget announced on Wednesday 16 March, UK Chancellor George Osborne chose to focus on small tax breaks, reforms and micro spending announcements, while glossing over the extra austerity planned.

10MAR 2016


Schroders Quickview: Draghi fires bazooka, but we are still waiting for the cavalry

Mario Draghi succeeded in surprising markets with his latest salvo, but needs the support of governments and fiscal policy to win this fight.