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Four charts: a glimpse into the future

As Apple becomes the first business ever to be valued at more than $1 trillion, we unearth four charts that show how fast technological and demographic developments are transforming our world


Rosie Carrow

Rosie Carrow

Content writer

What will the world look like in a decade’s time, or two, or five?

One component of shrewd investing involves embracing the radical social, economic, technological and demographic changes that are transforming human existence.

What will the ageing of populations in today’s wealthiest countries mean for world markets? What will be the effects of vastly increased populations – and wealthy populations – in today’s emerging markets? How will technology further disrupt established labour forces, businesses and markets?

Cazenove Capital, in the course of meeting thousands of businesses and identifying the best professional investors worldwide, comes across a wealth of data that highlights the astounding pace of change. Here are four examples.

We are connecting to the internet at an ever greater rate...


Early connected devices were desktop computers but now they include

Early connected devices were desktop computers but now they include; electric toothbrushes. plug sockets, door locks and fridges

... but it's not just about our devices: it's about where we store our data


a chart to show hardware data revenues against cloud data storage revenues over the last 4 yearsThe way we communicate continues to evolve...

Data generated on social media in 60 seconds

Facebook has 360 new users, 292,980 status updates and 136,020 uploaded photos every minute

... while emerging countries' spending power is growing at an explosive rate.


The proportion of the global population on a very low income is starting to fall

A chart showing consuming class against below consuming class from 1950 - 2025


Rosie Carrow

Rosie Carrow

Content writer


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